BotR – Thailand Beach Party at the Tropical Futa Fantatics

Thailand Beach Party at the Tropical Futa Fantatics

What a party at the TFF! So many people in the sim, sadly they didn’t all came for our awesome party but we had the manoriy of those 84 people. If you never been to the TFF you really should check it out. The prettiest beach in Second Life for sure. I like to thank Stevie for her hard work on her land and giving us the room and time to have a party. She is a sexy devil.

So the party was awesome with great tunes from Sierra Angel and London Callin. London went all overboard and dj-ed for a good 3 1/2 hours i think? It was good fun and it was awesome to see all the sexy people chatting, dancing and having fun.

If you wanna listen to London’s set:

And now the pictures. I had trouble with the pictures as it was crowded and my DoF didn’t worked as planned. My excuses if i didn’t got you, it was really going slow.


botr-thailand-beach-0001 botr-thailand-beach-0002

botr-thailand-beach-0003 botr-thailand-beach-0004

botr-thailand-beach-0005 botr-thailand-beach-0006

botr-thailand-beach-0007 botr-thailand-beach-0008

botr-thailand-beach-0009 botr-thailand-beach-0010

botr-thailand-beach-0011 botr-thailand-beach-0012

botr-thailand-beach-0013 botr-thailand-beach-0014

botr-thailand-beach-0015 botr-thailand-beach-0016

botr-thailand-beach-0017 botr-thailand-beach-0018

botr-thailand-beach-0019 botr-thailand-beach-0020

botr-thailand-beach-0021 botr-thailand-beach-0022

botr-thailand-beach-0023 botr-thailand-beach-0025

botr-thailand-beach-0026 botr-thailand-beach-0027

botr-thailand-beach-0028 botr-thailand-beach-0029

botr-thailand-beach-0030 botr-thailand-beach-0031

botr-thailand-beach-0032 botr-thailand-beach-0033

botr-thailand-beach-0034 botr-thailand-beach-0035

botr-thailand-beach-0036 botr-thailand-beach-0037

botr-thailand-beach-0038 botr-thailand-beach-0039

botr-thailand-beach-0040 botr-thailand-beach-0041

botr-thailand-beach-0042 botr-thailand-beach-0043

botr-thailand-beach-0044 botr-thailand-beach-0045

botr-thailand-beach-0046 botr-thailand-beach-0047

botr-thailand-beach-0048 botr-thailand-beach-0049




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