Blacklist on the Run – Fight Club

This time we stayed at home as where else you can have a party than at our own arena we use for Bare?

The tunes were epic, bombastic, grungy and driving through your earholes. Many thanks to Keliana and Lupe for making such great sets. Lupe might add her dj set later but we already got Kel’s to show and relisten!

Special thanks to our Blacklist Photographer Dakota, she didn’t made the pictures but she gave me class in how to use all the poshy stuff. Thank you for that hun, this time it worked lot better! She also got her own blog, check it out!

And now the pictures..

 botr-fight-club-0001 botr-fight-club-0002

botr-fight-club-0003 botr-fight-club-0004

botr-fight-club-0005 botr-fight-club-0006

botr-fight-club-0007 botr-fight-club-0008

botr-fight-club-0009 botr-fight-club-0010

botr-fight-club-0011 botr-fight-club-0012

botr-fight-club-0013 botr-fight-club-0014

botr-fight-club-0015 botr-fight-club-0016

botr-fight-club-0017 botr-fight-club-0018

botr-fight-club-0019 botr-fight-club-0020

botr-fight-club-0021 botr-fight-club-0022

botr-fight-club-0023 botr-fight-club-0024

botr-fight-club-0025 botr-fight-club-0026

botr-fight-club-0031 botr-fight-club-0032

botr-fight-club-0033 botr-fight-club-0034

botr-fight-club-0035 botr-fight-club-0036

botr-fight-club-0037 botr-fight-club-0038

botr-fight-club-0039 botr-fight-club-0040

botr-fight-club-0041 botr-fight-club-0042

botr-fight-club-0043 botr-fight-club-0044

botr-fight-club-0045 botr-fight-club-0046

botr-fight-club-0047 botr-fight-club-0048

botr-fight-club-0049 botr-fight-club-0050

botr-fight-club-0051 botr-fight-club-0052

botr-fight-club-0053 botr-fight-club-0054

botr-fight-club-0055 botr-fight-club-0056




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