Monster Mash Month – Vamp Party

Sorry all! I just forgot to make this set.. no idea how this happened aside that it has been a busy time.

The party was awesome. DJ Frenzy and Jureio kicked in the Monster Mash Month in a way i only could dream off. Loads of fun, good tunes, awesome outfits. I had a blast of a party and i hope you all did too!

Here are the pictures.


mmm-vamp-night-002 mmm-vamp-night-003

mmm-vamp-night-004 mmm-vamp-night-005

mmm-vamp-night-006 mmm-vamp-night-007

mmm-vamp-night-008 mmm-vamp-night-009

mmm-vamp-night-010 mmm-vamp-night-011

mmm-vamp-night-012 mmm-vamp-night-013

mmm-vamp-night-014 mmm-vamp-night-015

mmm-vamp-night-016 mmm-vamp-night-017

mmm-vamp-night-018 mmm-vamp-night-019


mmm-vamp-night-022 mmm-vamp-night-023

mmm-vamp-night-024 mmm-vamp-night-025

mmm-vamp-night-026 mmm-vamp-night-027

mmm-vamp-night-028 mmm-vamp-night-029

mmm-vamp-night-030 mmm-vamp-night-031

mmm-vamp-night-032 mmm-vamp-night-033



mmm-vamp-night-036 mmm-vamp-night-037

mmm-vamp-night-038 mmm-vamp-night-039

mmm-vamp-night-040 mmm-vamp-night-041

mmm-vamp-night-042 mmm-vamp-night-043

mmm-vamp-night-044 mmm-vamp-night-045

mmm-vamp-night-046 mmm-vamp-night-047

monster-mash-month-2016-vampire-night monster-mash-month-the-blacklist-2016


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