Blacklist on the Run – Dieselpunk @ Smash

Our second time at Smash! And it was a smashing party \o/.

Last year we were there with.. another Dieselpunk party! Now we returned with Dieselpunk – the War. A set by Lupe and Daxia, with some different tunes, with a background story behind the tunes and changing decoration. It wasn’t that super special but for us the first time and i was excited about it. First we had the Order of the Red Dragon with Black and Red Banners and at the second part they faded out while the Aegis Alliance Banners faded in, Gold and Blue. With special thanks to the lovely Roxy who made for us a script. It worked so well.

Here is my set!

And here are the pics

[I need to add, as i DJ-ed first i couldn’t take pictures, my excuses for that]




botr-dieselpunk-033 botr-dieselpunk-034

botr-dieselpunk-035 botr-dieselpunk-036

botr-dieselpunk-001 botr-dieselpunk-002

botr-dieselpunk-003 botr-dieselpunk-004

botr-dieselpunk-005 botr-dieselpunk-006

botr-dieselpunk-007 botr-dieselpunk-008

botr-dieselpunk-009 botr-dieselpunk-010

botr-dieselpunk-011 botr-dieselpunk-012

botr-dieselpunk-013 botr-dieselpunk-014

botr-dieselpunk-015 botr-dieselpunk-016

botr-dieselpunk-017 botr-dieselpunk-018

botr-dieselpunk-019 botr-dieselpunk-020

botr-dieselpunk-021 botr-dieselpunk-022

botr-dieselpunk-023 botr-dieselpunk-024

botr-dieselpunk-025 botr-dieselpunk-026

botr-dieselpunk-027 botr-dieselpunk-028



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