Monster Mash Party – Zombie Night


We so need them as we only think with our … well.. TMI perhaps. DJ George “Dead Zone” Black & Lupita “No Brain”Darkbyrd pulled it off as they rocked us back to life. Awesome sets and here is George his set.

The Living Dead and the Living partying together in a more scary and gore party this time. I loved it and i was pumped to see everyone dressed up.  Thank you all for coming over and making it this fun! For this party we had a secret Raffle. All zombies got rewarded with some new boots and gloves!

And here are the pictures.

mmm-zombie-night-001 mmm-zombie-night-002

mmm-zombie-night-003 mmm-zombie-night-004

mmm-zombie-night-005 mmm-zombie-night-006

mmm-zombie-night-007 mmm-zombie-night-008

mmm-zombie-night-009 mmm-zombie-night-010

mmm-zombie-night-011 mmm-zombie-night-012

mmm-zombie-night-013 mmm-zombie-night-014

mmm-zombie-night-015 mmm-zombie-night-016

mmm-zombie-night-017 mmm-zombie-night-018

mmm-zombie-night-019 mmm-zombie-night-020

mmm-zombie-night-021 mmm-zombie-night-022

mmm-zombie-night-023 mmm-zombie-night-024

mmm-zombie-night-025 mmm-zombie-night-026

mmm-zombie-night-027 mmm-zombie-night-028

mmm-zombie-night-029 mmm-zombie-night-030

mmm-zombie-night-031 mmm-zombie-night-032

mmm-zombie-night-033 mmm-zombie-night-034

mmm-zombie-night-035 mmm-zombie-night-036

mmm-zombie-night-037 mmm-zombie-night-038

mmm-zombie-night-039 mmm-zombie-night-040

mmm-zombie-night-041 mmm-zombie-night-042

mmm-zombie-night-043 mmm-zombie-night-044

mmm-zombie-night-045 mmm-zombie-night-046

mmm-zombie-night-047 mmm-zombie-night-048

mmm-zombie-night-049 mmm-zombie-night-050

mmm-zombie-night-051 mmm-zombie-night-052

mmm-zombie-night-053 mmm-zombie-night-054

mmm-zombie-night-055 mmm-zombie-night-056





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