Blacklist on the Run – LatexLeatherFetish party at DeLust

What a party, full house almost all the 5 hours we were there. DeLusters and Blacklsiters mixing together and it worked. My excuses for those who couldn’t get in. thankfully Emma placed in the stream at the Blacklist so that helped a little but it’s not the same.

A big thank you to Nicole for having us at the DeLust, what a cool little place and if you haven’t went to the party, it’s worth to check the place out but do respect their clothingpolicy. Another big thank to you all out there! I love our connection(s) and i love the people in the Blacklist group for helping, participating and having fun!

Here is London’s set:

Here are the pics! I’m surprised i managed to do it without a single crash.

botr-leatherlatexfetish-001 botr-leatherlatexfetish-002

botr-leatherlatexfetish-003 botr-leatherlatexfetish-004

botr-leatherlatexfetish-005 botr-leatherlatexfetish-006

botr-leatherlatexfetish-007 botr-leatherlatexfetish-008

botr-leatherlatexfetish-009 botr-leatherlatexfetish-010

botr-leatherlatexfetish-011 botr-leatherlatexfetish-012

botr-leatherlatexfetish-013 botr-leatherlatexfetish-014

botr-leatherlatexfetish-016 botr-leatherlatexfetish-017

botr-leatherlatexfetish-018 botr-leatherlatexfetish-019

botr-leatherlatexfetish-020 botr-leatherlatexfetish-021

botr-leatherlatexfetish-022 botr-leatherlatexfetish-023

botr-leatherlatexfetish-024 botr-leatherlatexfetish-025

botr-leatherlatexfetish-026 botr-leatherlatexfetish-027

botr-leatherlatexfetish-028 botr-leatherlatexfetish-029

botr-leatherlatexfetish-030 botr-leatherlatexfetish-031

botr-leatherlatexfetish-032 botr-leatherlatexfetish-033

botr-leatherlatexfetish-034 botr-leatherlatexfetish-035

botr-leatherlatexfetish-036 botr-leatherlatexfetish-037

botr-leatherlatexfetish-038 botr-leatherlatexfetish-039

botr-leatherlatexfetish-040 botr-leatherlatexfetish-041

botr-leatherlatexfetish-042 botr-leatherlatexfetish-043

botr-leatherlatexfetish-044 botr-leatherlatexfetish-045

botr-leatherlatexfetish-046 botr-leatherlatexfetish-047

botr-leatherlatexfetish-048 botr-leatherlatexfetish-049

botr-leatherlatexfetish-050 botr-leatherlatexfetish-051

botr-leatherlatexfetish-052 botr-leatherlatexfetish-053

botr-leatherlatexfetish-054 botr-leatherlatexfetish-055

botr-leatherlatexfetish-056 botr-leatherlatexfetish-057

botr-leatherlatexfetish-058 botr-leatherlatexfetish-059

botr-leatherlatexfetish-060 botr-leatherlatexfetish-061

botr-leatherlatexfetish-062 botr-leatherlatexfetish-063

botr-leatherlatexfetish-064 botr-leatherlatexfetish-065

botr-leatherlatexfetish-066 botr-leatherlatexfetish-067


Did you knew that Monday the Blacklist Halloween Hunt starts?


One thought on “Blacklist on the Run – LatexLeatherFetish party at DeLust

  1. Wow! So many sexy outfits! I just love DeLust, it’s a wonderfully sexy place! Great party! So busy and crowded and all the latex! Yumz! The music sets were just in perfect tune with the theme!


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