The Blacklist Halloween Raven Hunt!


The Blacklist Halloween Raven Hunt starts on Monday October 24 and will run to the first of November.

Find the 25 hidden ravens and claim the Grand Prize!
The prizes consist of various gems donated by our Blacklist creators and a few more items!

Once you have completed the Hunt, you can unlock the safe which holds the prizes. You can find the safe in the bar.

Find the Hunt-HUD in The Bunker and at the Bar!

Happy Hunting!


2 thoughts on “The Blacklist Halloween Raven Hunt!

  1. This was incredibly frustrating but fun. 😝

    I was going to give up at 22 and then grabbed a notepad and wrote down all the locations I knew so I could find the rest.

    A couple, it turned out, weren’t rendering for me until I camera zoomed to them through another object for some reason. Nobody else seems to have had that issue though.


    1. What a lovely reaction Eri! I had the same. Spend a good 2 hours with it and cursed Lupe for this. But it was great to find the last one. She added 13 more ravens so it should be bit easier now :). The rending might be because they were small.. so from afar you might not see them, zooming should make them pop up. They also vanish for 30 seconds every several minutes.


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