Monster Mash Month – Halloween

After a big month of Halloween fun we finally had the supreme party. The Night of Halloween. I had a great blast during this month, the decorations were excellent, the outfits people used were impressive and so much fun during the parties! Thank you all ♥.

This party was nothing different. In the end we had 6 DJ’s playing!

Daxia, Diana Wrench, Aida, Soda and Keliana.

It became a Halloween and Smash on the Run party, very neat.

Here are the pictures, beware, there are a lot of them.

mmm-halloween-001 mmm-halloween-002 mmm-halloween-003

mmm-halloween-004 mmm-halloween-005 mmm-halloween-006

mmm-halloween-007 mmm-halloween-008 mmm-halloween-009

mmm-halloween-010 mmm-halloween-011 mmm-halloween-012

mmm-halloween-013 mmm-halloween-014 mmm-halloween-015

mmm-halloween-016 mmm-halloween-017 mmm-halloween-018

mmm-halloween-019 mmm-halloween-020 mmm-halloween-021

mmm-halloween-022 mmm-halloween-023 mmm-halloween-024

mmm-halloween-025 mmm-halloween-026 mmm-halloween-027

mmm-halloween-028 mmm-halloween-029 mmm-halloween-030

mmm-halloween-031 mmm-halloween-032 mmm-halloween-033

mmm-halloween-034 mmm-halloween-035 mmm-halloween-036

mmm-halloween-037 mmm-halloween-038 mmm-halloween-039

mmm-halloween-040 mmm-halloween-041 mmm-halloween-042

mmm-halloween-043 mmm-halloween-044 mmm-halloween-045

mmm-halloween-046 mmm-halloween-047 mmm-halloween-048

mmm-halloween-049 mmm-halloween-050 mmm-halloween-051

mmm-halloween-052 mmm-halloween-053 mmm-halloween-054

mmm-halloween-055 mmm-halloween-056 mmm-halloween-057

mmm-halloween-058 mmm-halloween-059 mmm-halloween-060

mmm-halloween-061 mmm-halloween-062 mmm-halloween-063

mmm-halloween-064 mmm-halloween-065 mmm-halloween-066

mmm-halloween-067 mmm-halloween-068 mmm-halloween-069

mmm-halloween-070 mmm-halloween-071 mmm-halloween-072

mmm-halloween-073 mmm-halloween-074


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