Blacklist on the Run – Cataclysm

Cataclysm – End of Loads

Our last party at the Dickgirl City. And yes DGC is bak, rised up upon their old ruines, a great place for our themed party. With tunes from Miss Daxia and dj Keliana, the party tuned into a bombshell! Thanks to Kori for letting us crash at DGC an thanks to all the wonderful people and sexy outfits!

I had a great time but sadly i was also struggling with the lag that just kept going. So i will show the pictures i managed to take and my excuses for those that didnt made it. It was just impossible for me! Enjoy the pictures and i hope to see you at our next party!

botr-cataclysm-001 botr-cataclysm-002

botr-cataclysm-003 botr-cataclysm-004

botr-cataclysm-005 botr-cataclysm-006

botr-cataclysm-007 botr-cataclysm-008

botr-cataclysm-009 botr-cataclysm-0010

botr-cataclysm-0011 botr-cataclysm-012

botr-cataclysm-013 botr-cataclysm-014

botr-cataclysm-015 botr-cataclysm-016

botr-cataclysm-017 botr-cataclysm-018

botr-cataclysm-019 botr-cataclysm-020

botr-cataclysm-021 botr-cataclysm-022

botr-cataclysm-023 botr-cataclysm-024

botr-cataclysm-025 botr-cataclysm-026

botr-cataclysm-027 botr-cataclysm-028

botr-cataclysm-029 botr-cataclysm-030

botr-cataclysm-031 botr-cataclysm-032

botr-cataclysm-033 botr-cataclysm-034

botr-cataclysm-035 botr-cataclysm-036

botr-cataclysm-037 botr-cataclysm-038

botr-cataclysm-039 botr-cataclysm-040


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