Dark December at the Blacklist

Our second December Party to bring some warmth into our hearts.

Thank you all for coming over an spend your time with us, it always make me happy to see you all having fun! It was a sweet party, with lovely music from the three DJ’s.

Alix has a very fun and energetic set, Nina was grooving with the Trance and George mellowed us all out with his slowdancing deephouse. It was excellent!

And here are the pictures!

[i don’t got everyone as some were using Bento]

dark-december-001 dark-december-002

dark-december-003 dark-december-004

dark-december-005 dark-december-006

dark-december-007 dark-december-008

dark-december-009 dark-december-010

dark-december-011 dark-december-012

dark-december-013 dark-december-014

dark-december-015 dark-december-016

dark-december-017 dark-december-018

dark-december-019 dark-december-020

dark-december-021 dark-december-022

dark-december-023 dark-december-024

dark-december-025 dark-december-026

dark-december-027 dark-december-028

dark-december-029 dark-december-030

dark-december-031 dark-december-032

dark-december-033 dark-december-034

dark-december-035 dark-december-036

dark-december-037 dark-december-038

dark-december-039 dark-december-040

dark-december-041 dark-december-042

dark-december-043 dark-december-044

dark-december-045 dark-december-046

dark-december-047 dark-december-048

dark-december-049 dark-december-050

dark-december-051 dark-december-052

dark-december-053 dark-december-054


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