Lumps of Coal – Xmas gone wrong at the Blacklist

This party was a sort of anti-xmas party. It was a lot of fun and i loved all the pretty people in their outfits. Even from Xmas you can dress yourself up in so many sexy and slutty ways!

No music this time, sorry ^^

Here are the pictures and thank you all for attending!

xmas-gone-wrong-001 xmas-gone-wrong-002

xmas-gone-wrong-003 xmas-gone-wrong-004

xmas-gone-wrong-005 xmas-gone-wrong-006

xmas-gone-wrong-007 xmas-gone-wrong-008

xmas-gone-wrong-009 xmas-gone-wrong-010

xmas-gone-wrong-011 xmas-gone-wrong-012

xmas-gone-wrong-013 xmas-gone-wrong-014

xmas-gone-wrong-015 xmas-gone-wrong-016

xmas-gone-wrong-017 xmas-gone-wrong-018

xmas-gone-wrong-019 xmas-gone-wrong-020

xmas-gone-wrong-021 xmas-gone-wrong-022

xmas-gone-wrong-023 xmas-gone-wrong-024

xmas-gone-wrong-025 xmas-gone-wrong-026

xmas-gone-wrong-027 xmas-gone-wrong-028

xmas-gone-wrong-029 xmas-gone-wrong-030

xmas-gone-wrong-031 xmas-gone-wrong-032

xmas-gone-wrong-033 xmas-gone-wrong-034

xmas-gone-wrong-035 xmas-gone-wrong-036

xmas-gone-wrong-037 xmas-gone-wrong-038



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