Not Quite New Year’s Party

I am so late with this! I kind of forgot and a week later i had some RL thing going. So sorry!

Our last party of 2016! And it was one with a big bang. We had so many DJ’s.

First London and Keliana and then the Girls from Smash. It was epic.

Here is the music! Of what i could find, if there is more i add it.

And here they are, the pictures of our last party of 2016! Enjoy and i hope 2017 will rock for you all ♥

not-quite-new-years-eve-001 not-quite-new-years-eve-002

not-quite-new-years-eve-003 not-quite-new-years-eve-004

not-quite-new-years-eve-005 not-quite-new-years-eve-006

not-quite-new-years-eve-007 not-quite-new-years-eve-008

not-quite-new-years-eve-009 not-quite-new-years-eve-010

not-quite-new-years-eve-011 not-quite-new-years-eve-012

not-quite-new-years-eve-013 not-quite-new-years-eve-014

not-quite-new-years-eve-015 not-quite-new-years-eve-016

not-quite-new-years-eve-017 not-quite-new-years-eve-018

not-quite-new-years-eve-019 not-quite-new-years-eve-020

not-quite-new-years-eve-021 not-quite-new-years-eve-022

not-quite-new-years-eve-023 not-quite-new-years-eve-024

not-quite-new-years-eve-025 not-quite-new-years-eve-026

not-quite-new-years-eve-027 not-quite-new-years-eve-028

not-quite-new-years-eve-029 not-quite-new-years-eve-030

not-quite-new-years-eve-031 not-quite-new-years-eve-032

not-quite-new-years-eve-033 not-quite-new-years-eve-034

not-quite-new-years-eve-035 not-quite-new-years-eve-036

not-quite-new-years-eve-037 not-quite-new-years-eve-038

not-quite-new-years-eve-039 not-quite-new-years-eve-040

not-quite-new-years-eve-041 not-quite-new-years-eve-042



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