Blacklist on the Run – Winter Sun Beach Party

Winter Sun Beach Party

If you like sun, sea and a beautiful isle you should check the Bumrose. It is located at Eden, a paradise in Second Life.

So the setting was great! Together with all the bikini babes and sexy bodies. Mmmhmm! Was a lust for the eye.

And on top that we had music from me and London! I played an Asian themed set with some Bouncing tunes after wards and London covered us in her Drum&Bass and what a set she had! You got to listen, like, share and relisten!

And here are the pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

[I wasn’t able to take a picture of everyone, i had some issues rezzing and the first 2 hours i was DJ-ing!]

botr-winter-sun-beach-001 botr-winter-sun-beach-002

botr-winter-sun-beach-003 botr-winter-sun-beach-004

botr-winter-sun-beach-005 botr-winter-sun-beach-006

botr-winter-sun-beach-007 botr-winter-sun-beach-008

botr-winter-sun-beach-009 botr-winter-sun-beach-010

botr-winter-sun-beach-011 botr-winter-sun-beach-012

botr-winter-sun-beach-013 botr-winter-sun-beach-014

botr-winter-sun-beach-015 botr-winter-sun-beach-016

botr-winter-sun-beach-017 botr-winter-sun-beach-018

botr-winter-sun-beach-019 botr-winter-sun-beach-020

botr-winter-sun-beach-021 botr-winter-sun-beach-022

botr-winter-sun-beach-023 botr-winter-sun-beach-024

botr-winter-sun-beach-025 botr-winter-sun-beach-026

botr-winter-sun-beach-027 botr-winter-sun-beach-028

botr-winter-sun-beach-029 botr-winter-sun-beach-030

botr-winter-sun-beach-031 botr-winter-sun-beach-032

botr-winter-sun-beach-033 botr-winter-sun-beach-034

botr-winter-sun-beach-035 botr-winter-sun-beach-036

botr-winter-sun-beach-037 botr-winter-sun-beach-038

botr-winter-sun-beach-039 botr-winter-sun-beach-040

botr-winter-sun-beach-041 botr-winter-sun-beach-042

botr-winter-sun-beach-043 botr-winter-sun-beach-044

botr-winter-sun-beach-045 botr-winter-sun-beach-046

botr-winter-sun-beach-047 botr-winter-sun-beach-048

botr-winter-sun-beach-049 botr-winter-sun-beach-050


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