Blacklist on the Run the Wicked Woods

The Wicked Woods

So many Elves, so many sexy Elves! Dang it. People looked so hot and horny.

The place we went was the love home of friends of Blacklist, Jacqueline and Sparty. Many thanks to the both of them allowing us into their home. They got a lovely and beautiful place called the Firecloak Haven.

And thanks to all the smexy people who got dressed up and partied with us! Was so awesome to see. I feel we need such a party every month, but that’s the perv inside me talking now.

Together with the lovely tunes of Neássë and Keliana it turned out a great show with the cherry on top as the Famba Lilta show was there too. Really nice of Keliana, London, Lupe, Nina and Monia to give us that.

And here are the pictures. I hope you will enjoy them. It was laggy, i crashed a dozen time and i did my best!

botr-wicked-woods-001 botr-wicked-woods-002

botr-wicked-woods-003 botr-wicked-woods-004

botr-wicked-woods-005 botr-wicked-woods-006

botr-wicked-woods-007 botr-wicked-woods-008

botr-wicked-woods-009 botr-wicked-woods-010

botr-wicked-woods-011 botr-wicked-woods-012

botr-wicked-woods-013 botr-wicked-woods-014

botr-wicked-woods-015 botr-wicked-woods-016

botr-wicked-woods-017 botr-wicked-woods-018

botr-wicked-woods-019 botr-wicked-woods-020

botr-wicked-woods-021 botr-wicked-woods-022

botr-wicked-woods-023 botr-wicked-woods-024

botr-wicked-woods-025 botr-wicked-woods-026

botr-wicked-woods-027 botr-wicked-woods-028

botr-wicked-woods-029 botr-wicked-woods-030

botr-wicked-woods-031 botr-wicked-woods-032

botr-wicked-woods-033 botr-wicked-woods-034

botr-wicked-woods-035 botr-wicked-woods-036

botr-wicked-woods-037 botr-wicked-woods-038

botr-wicked-woods-039 botr-wicked-woods-040

botr-wicked-woods-041 botr-wicked-woods-042

botr-wicked-woods-043 botr-wicked-woods-044

botr-wicked-woods-045 botr-wicked-woods-046

botr-wicked-woods-047 botr-wicked-woods-048

botr-wicked-woods-049 botr-wicked-woods-050

botr-wicked-woods-051 botr-wicked-woods-052

botr-wicked-woods-053 botr-wicked-woods-054


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