BotR – Blac 51

Blac 51

Blacklist got turned into Blac 51, like the famous Manchester club! Everything in style, not a copy but the build was a good look a like! There was no dress code so that was easy..or maybe it wasn’t? I do love themes but i know some struggle with it at times.

With our two lovely hot DJ’s London and Lupe we had a night filled with interesting tunes. First 2 hours you can listen down below. The second two was all Chicago House. Both DJ’s rocked my world!

I loved the turnout, so many sweet and sexy people even if it was a fairly unknown theme for most. For me it surely was! But it was a great evening and i loved it all. Thank you all for coming over and suporting the Blacklist ♥.

Listen to the first 2 hours of the party!

Plus a video.. sadly no tunes to it.. but play London’s mix and you have some 🙂 [movie made by Astray]

And here are the pics.


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